and today will be brought to you by...

cinderella...specifically nobody's fool
cold popcorn with lots of butter and salt,
but you have to promise to scrape each kernel
against the bottom of the bowl
to capture as much salty buttery goodness as you can.

vhs tapes of videos recorded straight from
good rockin' tonight and video hits....

lots and lots and LOTS of bon jovi
specifically living on a prayer
and you give love a bad name...
it is imperative that you screech shrilly when he scrunches his nose
and shakes his hair.

a little billy idol, a little love removal machine
and some ac dc because i can give as well as take.

there will kool aid and turpentine (but we don't suggest you drink it)
and a Kraft homemade pizza that i will pick the meat off
to offer to highest bidder...

later in the day, we should take a walk,
up this road and her house and back to mine...
at the top of our lungs.

it occurred to me recently
that when you have lived on the same island, same province,
same town even...pretty much your whole life...
it affects you.

every walk that i take, every drive,
every left turn,
every right...
i am every age that i have ever been.
on one street, i am 5 waiting for dad to get home from work,
i am 10 buying cigarettes (export a) for my parents and penny candy
at the store across the street,
i am 15 walking with her to burger king, waiting to go to the show...
every street holds a memory
and the capacity to instantly transport me
by a smell, a slant of light, a sound so vague & familiar at once.

it's a funny thing.

anyway, i'm wordy and quiet all at once tonight.
tomorrow is her birthday...
on the way back from our beach, i stopped by to see her...
i rolled the car window and played bon jovi loud...

i found a dead frog and for a second i thought,
i am always looking for a warped would that be
if you sent me a sign by leaving a dead frog in my path
that instantly reminded me of the time that Davis threw the dead frog
at the men working on the road...and then we took the tires
off his bike and threw them in the field behind my house...heeheehee...remember?

{you wouldn't really send me a dead frog for a sign...would you?}

the heart shaped rock i gave you last year
was still there....

but the wildflowers must have blown away.

this makes me happy...this is how i feel...this is how i want to feel...this is what i want to believe.

this makes me happy...this is how i feel...this is how i want to feel...this is what i want to believe.