#tbt the black and white edition

it's throwback thursday...
and this one that goes way back.

this is my mom
and my uncle emmett...
this photo ab-so-lute-ly kills me.
i look at it and i want to crawl into it,
i want to know how old she was,
how old he was,
what were they thinking, where were they going.

i look at the way she is holding his hand
and that little striped shirt and skirt over leggings
and my heart just melts into a
messy little black and white puddle
on the floor.

if you knew him, you knew that
on the outside, he was gruff and tough
and cursed like a sailor
and LOVED to say inappropriate things
just to make you mad
but that he was also
sweet and soft and caring...
when i think of him,
i remember his big laugh, his booming voice
"Bones!" he would call my mom "Bones, c'mon over here!"
he used to drive by my garden in the summer and
then call me to tell me what I should
do to keep the birds from eating the
tiny seeds and pulling out
my string beans...

this is not what i intended to write
when i came here...
but the way he is holding her hand...
well...what else could i write?