backyard gardening

a favorite next door neighbor stopped me on the street
on my way to the parade
and said
oh!  your garden!  it's gotten so big!
it's like a little rainforest in your backyard!


she said she checks it anytime she walks her dogs

which makes me smile
i check it 4...5...10 times a day.
i water it...i pull some weeds...
i move a sprawling cucumber vine
hoping it will catch and hold the branches
i put in for support...
i count the strawberries
and look for baby string beans...
and, of course, i take pictures of it.

i feel like the closest neighbors
must think i am a bit of an obsessive nut.
but it draws me back again and again.

and already i am thinking about next year
and what i will add and what i will do different...
so yeah...maybe the obsessive nut thing
isn't that far off.. :)