winner winner chicken dinner!'s not a chicken dinner but it is an hour with me and a camera...
hopefully that's just as good...
chicken sounds good right now...i just realized in the excitement
of the contest, i forgot to eat supper!

and speaking of a contest (am i talking in circles?)

...we have a WINNER!!

again, a huge thanks to everyone that played along...
i really had a LOT of fun with this
which totally makes me want to do it again...
like...right now....

Congratulations, Shawna Duran!  :)

Welcome to my new digs...heh....

Hi!!!  You're here!  I was hoping you would stop by! :)
Feel free to pull up a chair or a footstool or a toadstool if you want,
grab a can of Dr Pepper (or coffee if you prefer)
and dig around a bit...

and while you are here
don't forget to enter the contest!
I took a poll to get an idea of what people would like for a prize
& photo session came out on top
so that's the prize!

Now...little bit of fine print before we start the fun,
I'll make it as painless as possible...this contest is not sponsored by anyone
other than me!  The winner will be chosen by random drawing using Rafflecopter.
The prize is an hour long photo session with me at a location on PEI of your choice...
winner will receive all edited photos on a disc.  Scheduling of photo session will be
based on availability around my prior bookings.

NOW...GO ENTER!!  :)  CONTEST CLOSES APRIL 15th 2015 AT 6 pm! (Starts April 1 2015)