why can't it always be the weekend... {& pinterest plans}

i'm so not ready for tomorrow to be monday...

but this weekend was an A+ weekend really with
lots of editing
a trip to the farmers market for crepes and fresh berries
studied lines for the play (which is coming VERY fast)
hit 10 000 steps at least one day
brand new pajamas (with feet!  & a hood!  & ears!) for 5 dollars

two calendars (1 a coloring calendar) for a total of 85 cents!!!!
a bubble bath with candles, music and face/hair mask
we tried a recipe from Pinterest and
it turned out dee-lic-ious!

part of the reason that i love the bullet journal
is because i think it is really going to help me
keep track of the progress i make on
certain goals that i have set...

every day, i pin TONS of stuff
including recipes...
but then,
i get overwhelmed the enormity
of what i have pinned
and i don't do ANY of them....
but now, I will pick out 10-15 a month
and mark them in my bullet journal
and then
i will actually make them that month...
and THEN
i can tick it off in my habit tracker... :)
(i am such a positive reinforcement addict...it's sad).

oh...the salad dressing was from pinterest, too...
and sooooooo yummy....