as the days count down, the stress builds...

i thought that by the time we got to this week
we would be virtually stress free
regarding the purchase of the house
but NO...
if anything
(if even possible)
we are somewhat more stressed then we were on friday
this is killing me
i woke up with massive headache
no amount of diet coke ingestation (is that a word even heh heh)
is going to take it away...
i HATE waiting
(for anything really)
but i really HATE waiting for answers on something that can effect my whole life
the closing date is this friday
THIS friday people...THIS FRIDAY
i know everyone else is like, well you musta got it, i'm sure you got it, theres no reason
why you wouldn't have gotten it
welll....if you live under the shleprock cloud of so-bad-its-almost-amusing-bad luck that
we have, then you would understand our fears...
you would be saying..hey..ya know...i wouldn't get too excited
cause sometimes bizarre horrible things happen to people when they are least expecting it
heh heh

on another note tho...
i need new music to listen to
i need suggestions from people...
i am pretty much open to most music
i could put a list of what i generally listen to
but then
that would pigeonhole the type of person i am to people
which would in effect, narrow and limit what people will tell me to try
if anyone tells me anything at all
final note
(muttered darkly)
i hate waiting.