avril lavigne...

my nine year old daughter loves
avril lavigne
and i don't mind
cause shes not britney spears or jessica simpson
heh heh
we got tickets for emma to see avril in september
for me and emma to see avril in september
the other day
emma is very excited and says "theres a special guest opening for avril,
i bet i know who it is...."
(pregnant pause for full effect)
heh heh heh
i was sorry to inform her that twisted sister is probably no longer in exsistence
and member of led zeppelin
are possibly dead...
but either way,
its not happening babycakes...
oh to be that age again
and not the cynical analytical distrustful person i am today
who knows what i could beleive in
but thats a whole different subject
and by the way,
if i've told this story before,
i apologize...i've typed it a couple of times...too good to pass up