continuing argument to prove that i am a loser...

i went to a stagette saturday night
with the sole intention of
staying for the supper and NOT the bowling
or the allnighterdrinkfest at the cabin
and NOT to drink at all
(i am not a social drinker, am not now and have never been...)
had a caeser at the restaurant (BING mistake number one!!!)
decided to go bowling, thought "will call my husband from there" (BING mistake number two)
the bowling alley, to my surprise, had a bar ( get the picture)

so the reason that i am a loser tho
has nothing to do with my suckage at sticking to my plan of not drinking
or the fact that i didn't take any pictures of the girls at staggette
but instead took pictures of the funny (to me)
signs posted around the bowling alley
but the fact that 3 measley rotten bloody didn't-even-really-get-me-that-drunk
made me soooooooooo effing hungover the next day that i was completely useless
and had major headache and THREW UP until about eleven clock last night...
three drinks
three measly stupid drinks
AND my whole body hurts from BOWLING
how much does that suck.

so there you go
i'm a loser baby why don't you kill me
hahaha..i'm some degree