my first job

here's something about me
my first job was bbqing hotdogs outside zellers
every friday night and saturday morning for one summer....
i was about 16 or 17
i worked entirely by myself
i dragged the bbq out
by myself
i dragged the bastard-heavy C02 things for the pop
(if thats even what they are called)
by myself
and i bbqed hotdogs and sold hotdogs and pop
by myself
just to give you some idea of the amount of fun
that would be
keep in mind that this is friday night in a small town sixteen year old girl
outside the liquor store....
could they have also have posted a sign saying
"freaks eat for free!"

my mom was actually my semi supervisor
which made going to work hungover
even more miserable
than it normally
would be...
and the one day i went to work
while still drunk
was literally hell...
never beleive someone when "they" say
"hair of the dog that bit you" will fix you right up
cause "they"
are probably
not that theres anything wrong with that
but it wasn't working for me...