new idea...might be interesting...heh

k...i have been reading other peoples blogs
mainly just by going thru bathroomreader's list (see link on the side:)
and what have you
when i saw a neat idea on this blog
(heh, i just realized she is a fellow canadian heehee)
which is to punch in each letter of the alphabet into your address bar
and see what comes up...
here goes....

A arcytech (what the hell?)
C (knew that would be there haha)
D (another given)
E egglife.blogspot
F (starting to sense that kids use the computer too much)
G google
H haloscan hahaha...
I itsacandadiangeek hey thats me!!!!
J job bank...proof of my recent dissatisfaction with my current work
K kent home (heh...have been trying to win some contests at a building supply store heh)
L (my husband is an online gaming geek, this is his place of choice heehee)
M ministones blogspot (which i read everyday, except today, because it disappeared???)
O (i got an email/newsletter thingy..thought i won sue me)
Q hey...nothing at all came up...
R blog i have been frequenting..i like the intern stories
S sesame workshop...i love sesame street...
T the butterflies larva blog...another frequently visited blog and fellow canadian
U upn shows...good fascination with americas next top model has just been revealed
oh the shame, the horror...heh heh
V vjgreetings blog...a new one to me...
W www.royal bank
Y yuckykids hahahahahahahahhahahahahahha
Z this link from bathroom reader who got it from valency jane blog
which is on his site....its pretty funny :) that was it
how'd i do...
inspire you?
really, i'm just trying to kill time to make this day pass
so that it can be TOMORROW
because TOMORROW is the day we get the HOUSE yayayayayayyayayyay:)
i hope anyway..