why today has been a good day...

1. only one of the 5-6 children i look after came today and he is by far one of the easiest
look after AND he doesn't come until 11 am which means...i not only got to go back to
bed for an HOUR after my daughter went to school..but when i got up, i could have a
shower in peace and quiet and not rush...
2. while i was having said nap, my boy was as good as gold and came and laid beside me
and patted my head until i fell asleep and then he stayed there and played in my room
showing me that even though he is five, he still likes to be with me enough that he will
stay and play even though i am asleep and not much company
3. my brother has gone to our new house to continue ripping and tearing things down for
us since we are both working...he didn't have to...he just does that stuff :)
4. there are 3 bottles of diet coke in the fridge
5. i can use as much heat as i want, cause we're leaving anyway in 2 months:)
6. i found some blogs that made me laugh out loud...especially adventures with mr k...