i have spent mothers day
ripping beaverboard (as of yesterday i did not know what that was
but i know have had an up close and personal relationship with it)
off the walls
picking up beaverboard off the floor
breaking beaverboard into small pieces so it will fit in the garbage bags
sweeping beaverboard off the stairs
and filling (15 heavyduty large garbage bags) with BEAVERBOARD!!!!!
and i see no end to it
but you know what?
thats ok
cause its beaver board that i OWN
and i'm ok with that
seriously tho, the construction (well, technically, its destruction)
is coming along great...
pulled the panel and beaverboard off the walls to reveal no insulation at all
and the house is STILL warmer than the one we are currently renting
and pulled up layers of carpet and tile and linoleum to reveal
HARDWOOD floors...hurray...
and broke the rad and made it rain in the living room
so all in all
that was my day
happy mothers day