hows the house going, you ask?

funny you should ask

my husband (usually referred to as ogg but just upgraded to ogg-mcgyver as of today)
(which should give you some general idea of where this post is going...)
hooked up the toilet and sink in the bathroom and fixed the radiator, so now we have heat

opened the front door to the house saturday morning
to a virtual niagara falls in the living room...
water was pouring from the ceiling,
all of my husbands tools were soaked
the floor was soaked.

found out that a peice on the new toilet snapped,
causing a little hose to fall out
and hence,
the waterfall...

so we went to shut the breakers off,
and surprise! found 3 feet of water in the basement
and the furnace submerged...
and ogg informs me that he is not sure about touching the water in case
he gets
he tells me this about half a minute before
he sticks his hand
in the water...
he didn't get electrocuted...

we found a subpump in the basement, just kinda floating around in the debris
odd took it up and we dried it off and plugged in
yay, it works...
went down to use it, no bottom on it, won't work...
ogg (showing mcgyver instincts) fashions out a brand new bottom
right there
out of a piece of tin, some screws and some fast drying glue
heh heh
yay! it works again

so...all in all
at the end of the day
the furnace works, the sink works, the water is turned back on
the floors are drying out, the basement is pretty much back to normal
and the toilet works...