lunchtime conversations

today at lunch---
conversation between a 5 yr old, 4 yr old, 3 yr old and almost 3 yr old just learning to talk...
5-"what are pickles"
me-"pickles are pickles"
(we were eating cucumber at the time)
5-"so...pickles are just another word for cucumbers"
me-(too tired to capitalize on opportunity for teachable moment) "nope..pickles are green"
5,4,and 3- "cucumbers are green!!!!" (voices of "oh my god..they are the same")

me-"pickles are all green, cucumbers peelings are green, the inside is white"
almost 3- "knock knock"
4- "what if some trees were blue!!!!"
5,4, and 3- (laugh hysterically)
3- "some trees are pink though"
5 and 4- (shaking heads in agreement) "yep...yep...they are..i saw them"

as enjoyable as that sounds
i would kill for adult conversation
and a not-so-flat shot of diet coke
heh heh