the day has come...

this is it.


we move to the new house
(our new house)
(the house we own)
(the house that allows us to put esquire at the end of our names)
(because we are homeowners, if you didn't know)


are we ready?

not so much
but are we excited?
you're dang tootin'
(funny how i only say things like that on the internet
and never in real life...heehee)

suffice to say
i may not be adding to this blog in the very near future
although i don't call my husband OGG for no reason
you didn't know the reason?
online gaming geek...
betcha get it now)
i will be in withdrawls but i will be in the new house so i guess that balances out
catch you on the flip side
heh (another thing i wouldn't say in real life)