unexpected sweetness

my father's almost boyish grin
and obvious pride
when he said "my grandchild"
after someone enquired about my daughter...

finding a birthday card
to me on my 23rd birthday
from my parents
that said
we think you are still as cute now
as you were when you were this little
(as the baby on the front of the card)
in my mother's writing...
we are not typically sappy people..
i am
but i usually go to great lengths to hide it

my husband getting home from work early and unexpected
and knowing i had a headache
from taking one look at me
and offering to watch the kids while i took a hot whirlpool-like bath

the bear grip hug that my now-82-year-old-weight-lifting granny
gave me at her birthday party last night

finding a ten page letter from one of my best friends
that she had written me while she was in university
berating subtly and not-so-subtly
my nineteen year old choice to be engaged
i'm sure if i looked hard enough i would find similar letters
rejoicing in our inevitable breakup