three hours though? really?

my ten year old 5th grade daughter
came home yesterday
to me chiding her about making sure
her brother was being careful while walking home...
(i was in the window watching them the whole way)
she responded with a wail of "but i have an earache
and i have ALOT of homework"
which i wrote off as "poor excuse"
and that was that...
until 4:30 (homework time in the gk household)
and the realization that if i didn't start supper
at 5:45, we wouldn't be eating...
so homework was set aside until 6:30
and finally finished at 8:00
just in time for bed...
i mean really...
is that not a little much?
considering in their own handbook
they specify 45 minutes as the maximum amount of time
and the thing was
i know she wasn't dilly-dallying (heh)
cause i was sitting right at the table with her...
open house at the school is tonight
and i think i have something to say...