i feel great...

its friday.

the kid's noses are not running nearly to the excess
that they have been.

we are going to a "family story-telling night"
tonight at my kid's school.

i got to go for a walk this morning and it was gorgeous...
the smells of wood burning and leaves and wetness
and exhaust fumes (which i love by the way).

i went for a meeting with an employment counseller
who i really felt that i connected with and i feel
very positive about how things went and how things
may be able to proceed in my future.

i am going to have a bag of doritos and diet coke
during the kid's nap time and read my new
"style at home" magazine.

by the end of november, we should hopefully be
ALL caught up in our bills...just in time for christmas

i got an email from my best friend regarding
the housewarming gift i got her and the card
i made for her and she said "only my
best friend knows what to get me"
(we are not very "gushy" people...
that was huge for me)

its sunny.

its friday.