can't wait for friday

to post what i am grateful for...
because i have so much to be happy about today...

a friend called me last night
to ask me about six's eye appointment.
she has called me each time he went
to see how he got along,
and that act in itself was sweet enough.

yet, last night, when i explained about the
patch and glasses, she said that we could
get the glasses for free!
her son also has a lazy eye,
and has been being treated since birth
because his was very obvious.
they just had a new prescription for glasses
for him and don't need the "second pair
for free" and the prescription does not
have to be the same, she called the eye
place today and asked them and they
said all we have to do is go in to our
store (in a different province even)
and pick out the frames we want
and that it will go under their name as
their second pair...
how sweet and giving is that?
i am soooo happy and lucky.
we were stressed enough about how six
is going to deal with all of this that
we were trying not to focus at all on the
extra 200 hunderd+ dollars we would need
to come up with this close to christmas...

i don't know what else to say...
it was just unbelievably sweet and thoughtful
and thats why i couldn't wait for friday to share it