so we did some decorating over the weekend...

this is one of my favorites...a stretchy santa with a reindeer
that makes me think of the decorations i had as a kid...

if you look closely, you can see a gargoyle who is suffering
from the extreme humilation that only a christmas bow-tie
and hat can bestow...

this is a close up of the knitting that i have been (cough,
cough) attempting...attempting for the past six weeks
that is, and this is what i have yet accomplished, hee hee.

again with the knitting...

a close up of my "studio"/"home office"/"santuary" heehee
if you look closely at the blue and brown card and the sark
card, you will see what i happily recieved in the mail last week
from michelle
i was soooooooo excited about getting not one but TWO
cards in the mail ON THE SAME DAY EVEN....

this is my new sorta studio, sorta sanctuary...the only bad
thing about it is that its so accessible to the kids...haha....
don't get me wrong i love them to pieces, but i need
some quiet time at some point of the day :)

i'm hoping maybe after this christmas to add both a computer
and a sewing machine to this area...oh...and some much needed