sigh of satisfaction...

i'm feeling pretty happy and content today
which is a pleasant contrast
to the constant under-the-skin fury
that i have been fighting
for the past two weeks...

it is pouring rain and yet, the sun is shining.

we took six to his 1st eye doctor referral yesterday
and left with a totally different feeling than we had
with the first doctor, even though it was pretty much
the same diagnosis. however, this doctor said it won't
effect his education, his career choice, his ability
to get a driver's license...nothing...he will be fine.

i spent the last hour making a card for my best friend's
upcoming birthday and was very happy with the
final result...i love when you think of the perfect
quote for someone...and then it all comes together.

i have an appointment two weeks from now
which will hopefully help me towards my goal
of going back to school (again) next september.

i have started reading the historian and love it.

i semi-unravelled the mystery of knitting...
to some degree, anyhow, heehee.

all in all, i'm pretty happy and satisfied with myself