friday list: what makes me clap my hands in glee

the word glee, heehee

not only is it naptime right now, but all of the kids are
actually sleeping, and have been for the past hour or so...
all of them...ALL of them...sleeping...quietly...all of them...

the knowledge that not only is today friday but it is also
the last day of providing childcare for TWO weeks for
the children that cause me the most matter how
cute they are...two weeks, two weeks, two weeks, lalalala

we are putting up our tree tomorrow (because said kids
will be done for two weeks today) heehee

i found this awesome blog that i just love, love, love
and actually read all of her archives...all of them...

last night, we could not find any christmas specials on tv
so we played music and danced/sang like crazy...
the playlist included such favorites as:
  • psycho-system of a down
  • shout at the devil-motley crue (six's new favorite)
  • stand by me- ben e king (dad's pick)
  • nothing else matters (cover)- bif naked
  • rain down on me- blue rodeo
  • bottom dollar baby- nathan wiley (i love this need to try this)
  • kaw-liga - charlie pride...( dad's influence on me)
  • iko iko- cyndi lauper
  • imogene heap- hide and seek (one of my newest favorite-ist songs)
  • ironic- alanis morissette (ten's new favorite song for making up her own words to)
  • hallelujah- jeff buckley (i sooo forgot how much i loved this cover)
  • one step closer- linkin park (ten realllllly loves to be able to shout shut up without getting into trouble)
  • poison, cinderella and various other eighties bands that Ogg and i grew up on
  • staind...also various by them...there is just something about that band...
an idea adapted from this cool blog to make for my brother and his wife who are expecting...
we'll see if it turns out or not but so far, i'm excited :) i want to make an ornament of a mom-2-be and a of like the bunnies only sewn like the wedding couple...

the fact that we have gotten through one whole week of six's eye
being patched and he has been an absolute doll about it...he has
been so good, hardly complaining at all...i never dreamed he would
deal with it so well...i find myself looking at him sometimes though,
with that damn patch on his eye and the other eye magnified
threefold behind his glasses and messy hair all over the place
and i feel so damn sad, just an inexplicable sadness...
i don't know why...but thats getting off my topic
of what makes me clap my hands in glee...

and thats that.