i. hate. being. sick.

my throat hurts
which it has for the past two weeks
but in a minimal way...
now suddenly it has amplified itself as
much as to say "look-at-me-look-at-me

and i had a headache and was nauseaus all day
yesterday with the 4 kids under 3 here allll day...
went to bed at 5 pm, got up at 12, ate some crackers
and back to bed...

one of the "4-under-3" gang
threw up all over the floor
5 minutes before his parents came.

i am sure headache and queasiness was caused
by oncoming period...how did this happen that
as i got older, i lost the horrible cramping part
but i gained a headache from hell and a penchant
for pepto-bismol that lasts for about a week
BEFORE my period...WTH????

oh. and my back just spoke up.
it has decided to kill me today.