day two...

well, this is the second day for me of
reading deprivation week
and so far, so sucky.

i called a truce with my alter ego
that i would do reading deprivation week
on some conditions:
i would only do it monday to friday,
not seven days.
i will post and read comments on my own blog,
its not like i am at the point where
the number of comments i receive is
(however, i LOVE my comments and all
the meaningful things said :) :):).

but it is killing me not to be checking up on you all...
i feel like a bad friend...
i will be reading everyones on saturday,
(or at midnight friday, teehee)
i promise.

i did finish knitting another whole dishcloth
in my free time.
and today i will write some letters to
accompany some cd's that will soon be
mail bound :).