i have determined that
is going to be my year
to evolve into a truer form of myself...
this is the year
i am going to listen to those little voices
in my head begging to learn to knit, to sew,
to paint, to create something...
this is going to be my year.

last year, i asked for and received The Artist's Way
for christmas...i started doing it, and then, stopped...
it just didn't feel right...
i put it away and thought about it from time to time
but as we got closer to the middle of the year
i decided to wait for january to start it again
(i've got a thing about january's and blank slates and fresh starts)
so this week, i started reading it.

and then, i was reading artsymama's blog
and there it was!
an open invitation to join a group online
and work through the book together...
i could barely stop myself from clapping my hands...
alright, so i didn't stop myself...heh heh

and the funny thing is the theory of synchronicity...
the happenstance chance of my decision to hold off
on doing the book, my wish that there was someone
to do it with, and my finding the blog group the same
week that i start the book...random coincidence?
and there other things that are changing in my life
that make me think this is really it, this is my time
to focus on this part of me...
my job is going to be changing to allow me a lot more
free time and less stress...
the kids are both in school and my husband has
developed his own hobby (online gaming, heehee)...
i have more resources at my hand and space that i
have ever had before...

this is my year...
i can feel it.