weekly review...

this week i have:

been reading The Map Of Glass which is by jane urquhart...
i adore this book...i have loved everything that she has written.
her writing style is just so
poetic and lyrical
without getting bogged down in detail....

have watched The Constant Gardener, which i liked and yet,
sort of disliked at the same time...i like ralph fiennes, rachel
is oddly pretty and not pretty...the scene which has
her drying her ass (for lack of a more graceful word) disturbed
me, the scenery is breathtaking, the movie got kind of draggy
in places but then in a couple of places it was very AHA-like.

have managed to knit a dishcloth as taught in my community
school knitting class...just straight knit stitch but got to learn
how to increase and decrease and cast off correctly (which
i also learned i have been doing incorrectly all along)

artist way related i have done all my morning pages but one day,
found out that a fellow blogger/AW-er is also a resident of my
little province (synchronicity?), had a couple of "wow" moments
like an idea for a story, did all the tasks for last week and
finished the reading for this week

added some rubber stamps, watercolors, good pencil crayons,
2 sketchbooks, and some metal wire to my growing collection

helped design a built in shelving unit big enough to house
2 computer areas and (yay) a window seat! in order
to get ready for the birth and arrival of our new dell computer

all in all,
i'm feeling pretty good about this week
and hoping that next week is just as productive...
i have scanned the tasks and am really looking
forward to doing them, very exciting because
i love anything that has to do with my reminiscing
about my childhood...heehee...

i love sundays