pick me! pick me!

this morning
in a fit of inspiration
i entered a contest on my local cbc radio station
in which i had to share our "little nicknames" for one another
in time for valentines day...
it was to win flowers, chocolates and books...
i want to win.

so with that in mind,
this is not only the letter i sent in
but also what was just read in full on the radio
(much to my children's chagrin, teehee)

Good moming,

I sent an email through your website, but then heard this address being announced
so thought I should make sure I get the right one.

A little history may be good to tell beforehand.
My husband and i are both confirmed computer fanatics.
I would give up my telephone and tv before i would let go of my internet connection.
My husband is the same.

Because of this "shared interest" and the fact that we each have our own
computers set up side-by-side...we have earned these sweet nicknames:
I answer to geekgirl, geek and my favorite, "my l'il geekgirl".
My husband is undeniably OGG...which stands for online gaming geek...

we are what we are.

You asked about names for our children? We have those as well...
my daughter, when born, had a bad case of cradle cap earning her the moniker
of "onionhead" because her head was always peeling.
My son has always had a rather large head in comparison to his body
and was so energetic that he sucked up all my creative energy and therefore
was rewarded with only "bighead" as a name...which he will still answer to at six.

Signed sincerely,

i so want those books.
ps...what are your nicknames?