monday musings...

good news...
there may be a slight shift in my job
which is going to allow me
less stress
and more time for myself
but is also going to cause me to earn less money,
and limits what else i can do in order to
take in more money.

but in the end, i think it will be worth it
for the "less stress" factor.
and i am hoping it will lead to bigger and better things,
that maybe, this is just the beginning...

also, a close friend of mine
is getting married
and asked me to be in the wedding
she wants to use brown eyed susies
as her "theme"
has anyone out there in blog-land
ever been to a wedding with a similar theme
or color scheme?
she is trying to find ideas for table centerpieces
or favors in relation to the flowers...

its a happy sunny sugar-sweet day!