sigh...i'm such a freak.

never know what they are going to say...
done by ten and left as background on my computer

and i know that i am
or at least i should know,
by now.

i grew up being constantly told
in elementary school
that i was
nobody could/would give me
a definitive reason
as to why...
but i was

i was kind of an outcast
by choice...
i never really tried to hang out with anyone.
i had a best friend at home
that was younger than me
and really, i guess, i felt that was all i needed.

it did scare me that people thought i was weird
especially when i didn't know what the behaviour was
that triggered that reaction...
i read alot...i cried alot...other than that,
i was fairly quiet.

later on,
by high school,
i began to realize know what?
its ok to be weird.
its ok to be different.
its cool to be me.
and that people liked me for it.

the point of this entry was not really
about that...
its more about the way i read blogs.
i don't know if anyone else does this,
but i'm so damn methodical
that i have to follow a certain routine
with the blogs every day.

i read them in the order they are
in my links..i post religiously at certain ones...
and then, if i have time,
i pick the one that i am currently "working on"
and study it...i read all the archives,
look at all the pictures,
check out all the links,
and then finally i check out all the other
blogs that are blogrolled on that site
and bookmark the ones that look
interesting to me...

is that odd?
is that compulsive?
is it weird?