that's what wednesday was for me.

a tease,
a snippet,
a glimpse
into what my life could be like
if i say yes and take this lower paying job.

and it was very tempting.

i only had the one child that i would be taking
if i choose to do this.
we actually got to leave the house and go out walking
on a beautiful day, which i can't do with the other children i have
because, unfortunately, i don't have a quadruple stroller
and they are far too young to walk on their own
without holding my hand
(of which, i only have two).

we had a great morning and then he napped,
so sweet and soundly.
his occupational therapist came to meet me
in the afternoon and it went perfectly.
she was impressed with what we had done so far,
and the environment and with what she called my
"calm, soothing, yet firm voice" teehee.

my husband and i had a good talk about this
(after the not-so-good talk in which i was
teetering on the edge of breaking-down-bawling
because i soooo do not want to do the other job anymore)
and he said i had his support and that if i had to
take some shifts at the bookstore i used to work at,
maybe that would be something we could look at, too.

so i called the bookstore manager
(coincidentally, my sister-in-law)
and she said that i made her day
and she would definately call me once they had a
position free up.

and then,
i had good news regarding the lower paying job...
the mom and her assigned support person are
trying to get me paid more...

all in all, a wonderful glimpse...
i want to stay here...
i don't want to go back to
chaos and kid-screaming and stress.

while at the dollar store,
i found these.

and then,
when we got home from the park,
i found these flowers
in my front yard...
i love surprises

and edited to add
for poetry thursday
and a nod to michelle's past post
regarding song lyrics
and poetry...
this is a poem written by a singer:

There was preserved
in her
the fresh miracle

Jim Morrison

i apologize in advance if this was not
the exact spacing...i had copied into a book
of "favorite poems" back in university
and don't know if i took my own liberties
with the spacing or not...