grateful friday...

- the adorable new look my blog is wearing
compliments of the talented joleen

- the kind comments left by blog-friends regarding
the new look :)

- being singled out by the co-ordinator of the
autism IBI therapy training i am currently taking
as having heard that "i was a natural" and that
i would have no problems with the training.

- a week of only one child to look after which
greatly reduces my stress and has allowed me
to regain some of my lost sanity.

- bamboo blinds stained dark finally bought
for two of our 5 living room windows...

-sunshine streaming through said blinds

- a conversation with my son "six" in which
he explained to me that all boys want is
money, cars and a girl. when i asked him
if thats what he wanted, he exclaimed,
"well, not a CAR! but i would like a million
dollars and one girl". heh heh.

- its the end of the month and there is enough
money in the account to cover all the bills.

- the stressful "hearing" i had to attend in regards
to a claim being made by a former landlord/friend
that we left the premises still owing money has
been held and decided on in our favor. i hate
confrontation of any kind, so i'm even more
grateful to my best-friend-who-happens-to-be
-a-lawyer who came with me and held my hand...

- the constant sweet support of my husband...
i don't know if it is just "spring" or the kids not
being here or what, but it feels like we just met
again...i love when that happens.

happy friday!