melancholy and cloudy poetry thursday...

Dark Girl

Easy on your drums
Easy wind and rain
and softer on your horns
She will not dance again

Come easy little leaves
without a ghost of sound
from the china trees
to the fallow ground

Easy easy drums
and sweet leaves overhead
easy wind and rain
your dancing girl is dead.

arna bontemps

this poem was written in my journal
from about ten years ago...
i apologize if it is not copied in it's exactness
but i could not find a copy of it on the internet
to make certain that i had copied it correctly back then.

at that time
i was very drawn in
by poetry that spoke of females
and their lives or characteristics or personalities...
poetry that tried to capture some essence of the person...

and i had lost my best friend
in an accident
so that ultimately caused this poem to speak
to me moreso than it may have otherwise.

i beleive our experiences
color the lens through which
we regard all else...