lists and books all in one post?

sound too good to be true?
its not...
cause i'm doing it
right here, right now...

borrowed loosely from

here goes:

like acumamakiki, i had trouble picking
"influential" books and chose to do my

three all time favorites instead...

-Fall On Your Knees by Anne-Marie MacDonald...
a book that made me gasp, made me sigh,
made me angry, made me cry, made me have
to find it in hardcover so i could own the option
of reading it whenever i wanted.

-The Piano Mans Daughter by Timothy Findley...
i don't plan picking Canadian authors, it just happens.
this book had me bawling behind the counter at the
store i worked at while reading it...

-Rapture of Canaan by Sheri Reynolds...
i don't own this book and it has been a long time
since i read it but it sticks in my memory as being
a book that i wanted to share, i wanted to force
everyone i met to read it and share my feelings
for it.

three books read more than once

-anne of green gables...heh...i knew parts of
that off by heart when i was kid and even
now if i pick it up, i get easily caught up
in the story again.

-fall on your was too good not
to read over and over

-the witching hour by anne rice...

three books that were supposed to be great
that i actually hated...

-the celestine prophecy
-the historian...i didn't hate it...but i didn't love it
and i did hate the fact that i was so psyched for it
and it fell short of my expectations
-catcher in the rye...i don't know why i hated it
as badly as i did but i did hate it...with venom.

three books just for pleasure that i have read...

-summer sisters by judy blume
-king con by stephen j cannell
-and then most of my "light" reading gets filled
with my magazine addiction

three books i should have read long ago
because i have had them on my list forever...
(a little alteration on my part)

-one hundred years of solitude -marquez
-war and peace - tolstoy
-the uses of enchantment- bruno bettelheim

and since i never seem to buy any books,
i had to adjust this one, too, to be
last three books i have read (rather than bought)

-the english patient by micheal ondaatje
-secret life of bees by sue monk kidd
-mermaid chair by sue monk kidd

and one last thing...the book i am reading
right now is the private voice by peter gzowski

i had big plans on some major linkage
but...holy...thats alot of linking and
so my momentum kind of said never mind.