prompted by liz and lynn
to read some poetry out loud this week,
i skimmed through a book of canadian poets
and randomly chose some to read aloud.

i sat on my couch
in a silent, still house...
heavy, overcast skies
heavy with the promise of thunder
weighed me down, too,
and slowed my mind's pace,
allowing me to take in the words
i was reading out loud
in turn
with the addicting scent of lilac
freshly picked
and placed on the table behind me.

and i waited for something
to strike a chord.

this is what did:

There Are Delicacies

there are delicacies in you
like the hearts of watches
there are wheels that turn
on the tips of rubies
& tiny intricate locks

i need your help
to contrive keys
there is so little time
even for the finest
of watches

Earle Birney

which in turn led me to feel full of words
with no place to go
so i tried to harness them here
and oddly enough,
what i wrote tonight
seemed to fit as a second half to what i wrote on
may 25....


this morning, i was corel
i was word perfect
i was full of type.
i was media friendly
and worth the hype.
my font looked good,
crisp in clarity, black and white.
my pages were updated,
my codes functioning right.
my audience pixelated,
my mind; my site.


tonight i feel slow and languid
pregnant with pause
and deliberation
words mulling around inside my brain
seeking forgiveness
seeking refrain
and yet, i cannot redeem...
i can only constrain.
they beat against my thoughts
dully with powder soft wings
they nudge and bump my metaphors
with the intensity
apathy brings.