poetry thursday....

not so much following the prompt today
unless it counts that it is not so much
a word
that i hate in this poem
but a feeling,
a remembered feeling,
vague and disconcerting,
like a vividly bad dream...

bridget made me think of this,
in a confused and unconnected sort of way.
a post she wrote one day
made me think of the time
i wrote the words
"bred to violence"
in a poem and then those words
stayed in my head
saying themselves out loud
until finally i had to go find the poem
and promise to put it here
so my head would shut up.

so...with an introduction like that....
heh heh...
here it is
(please, keep in mind, it was back in 93)
(and bridget, when i said it goes away eventually, it does...
but this was when i was out the situation but still deep in

bred to violence
and anger in my room
bruises spread like a disease
and i cry to you in the dark
just the way you like it
(i've seen you dancing in the garden
with only a night light on)
i know the way you like it.
wearing only anger.