WIP friday...

i have never participated in WIP friday before
but thought i might today
and it actually surprised me
how many things i have on the go right now...
this is kind of embarrassing...
i keep all of my knitting right here
cluttered on the shelf next to the couch.

there are four WIP's in the above picture.
one is a buggy-baby-blanket,
one is a pair of ten's jeans in the process of becoming
a skirt,
one is a bookmark for my bestest friend
and two envelopes
waiting to be filled to go to some special blog-like people
above is the start of picture
to be sent to someone else in blogland

the beginning of a baby blanket
in green and yellow
for another best friend
who's having her baby TODAY.
better put that at the top
of the list.
strawberries and cream blanket
and i think that is the end of my list...
i hope anyway...
a little overwhelming
when i think of all the other things
i still want to do...
other WIP's found here

*as always, my apologies for the dark pictures...
its thundering and lightning here.