here's where i am this week.
the kids have been gone to my mother in laws
since monday.

i have spent alot of time
one on one
with my husband.

we are always together and we almost always get along
but it is something completely different to be together
without the kids around...
we were able to take the kids to the parade on monday
which they enjoyed...
i LOVE parades...they just make me so happy and excited...
the anticipation, the loudness of the fire trucks, the bagpipes...

i am struggling my way through this book....

so many names...
all the same or so similar,
it's hard not to get bogged down in it...
but then there is so much of it
that i am enjoying
that i know i won't stop reading it,
but i do know it's going to take me a bit to

watched this movie
and was completely enthralled by it.

planning to watch this movie
tonight and am pretty excited...
love neil gaiman!
love jim henson...even if it is now
jim henson company but hope it
hasn't changed...

working in the garden...

can you spot the tiny tomato above?

spent the day at the beach yesterday with a best friend
and her children and the little boy i look after,

been practicing driving in anticipation of getting my driver's licence
at some point this year...heh heh.

eating strawberry/blueberry shortcakes at 9 at night,

and this is where i have been this week...
how about you?