poetry thursday on time for once!

(heeheeheeheehee...this has been edited
to add that heh, today is only wednesday.
it took me an hour to realize that
damn. i am still "not on time" but
i'm not changing it now...baha.)

i have not carried this poem
with me
on paper
but i have been carrying it
in my head
this week...
mulling over words,
pondering the choice of adjectives,
being fickle with my
use of commas.

it was written after a hot bath
while skin was still damp
and the scent of vanilla lotion
stayed elusively
in the air.

lemon lime
and powder pink
she holds a poetry reading
for one.

words inescapable...
trickling down her neck
droplets of prose-
she pauses and reflects
as she poses for each phrase,
as she shuns
and selects
trying on a metaphor,
accepts or

giving in to the power of rhyme
she bows...
she genuflects
accepting her addiction to the
of the elusive
seeking the rhythm, seeking the time.