36 (things about me) today!

(i'm the one in the yellow.)

1. my grade one teacher wrote that
i may need psychological help in my
grade one report card.
2. my mom ignored her suggestion.
3. when i started university and handed
in a journal i was supposed to write, my
professor kindly suggested i look into
professional help.
4. i ignored her.
5. i was very anxious as a child.
6. and shy.
7. and cried alot
8. like, much more than the average child.
9. i'm not like that anymore though :).
10. i miss my brother.
11. he's in calgary.
12. far away from where i am.
13. i love to read
14. i love the color purple
15. i love the smell of gas
16. and permanent markers
17. and exhaust fumes
18. i once rode an elephant through mcdonald's drivethrough
19. i ordered a milkshake
20. i love greys anatomy
21. and toasted tomato sandwiches
22. i have a tattoo of the grinch on my ankle
23. i got it for my 21st birthday
24. i was drunk when i got it
25. they played rebel yell by billy idol while
i got the tattoo
26. i love sesame street
27. and the muppets
28. and fosters home for imaginary friends
29. and o'grady
30. i was the manager of a record store
31. and a book store
32. and a tacky t-shirt/tacky jewellry store
33. and a "hostess manager" at mcdonalds
34. and assistant manager/photographer at a photo studio
35. now i am an IBI tutor
36. i always add a year onto my age...this is my real age
but starting tomorrow, i will say that i am 37, should
anyone ask.