this weekend has kind of sucked
and ruled
with each taking its turn...
i woke up with a headache,
it went away in time to go see the airshow
which i LOVE
because i love anything loud...
then the headache came back...
i got the happy hooker crochet book
and a subscription to martha stewart living
as belated birthday gifts
and then
my headache came back...
and lasted all sunday night and all monday...
straight through two painful hours
of playgroup...

but now it is gone
and i feel like a bundle of energy...
which is good
because i have alot of work to catch up on

i wanted to share some photos
of some surprise mail i received
last week from marianne at applehead!

as usual,
my pictures do NOT do the package justice!
there was a cool little zippy felt bag with birds,
and an apple to stick pins in,
some jelly beans,
cool pencils, the best smelling little candle set,
and an awesome pet rock sent by rose!
and a little moleskine pad with an apple on the front...
so much sweetness
and all wrapped up
thanks marianne!!!!!!!