grateful weekend...

i haven't done a grateful friday
in a long time...
so here is a weekend grateful update...

realizing that YouTube
has a ton of vintage sesame street clips
that kept me glued to my
computer for a good 5 hours last night,
(i would have linked them, but heh, didn't
know how)

we finished and installed the
budget friendly "tile" to our kitchen
and i love how it turned out.

the colder days are starting to set in
and i feel myself wanting to hunker down,
wanting to get out fleecy blankets
and wear socks again...find my sweaters
and mmmmmm....make hot chocolate.
after eight flavored hot chocolate...

grey's anatomy...i love, i love, i love!
the soundtrack of grey's anatomy...i love, i love, i love!

all of my favorite bloggers are obviously feeling
the onset of fall too...
everyone is posting more...

the sweet comments left about my
scribbles and scrabbles...
i can't tell you how much that means...

and now i have to go
i forgot to put socks on
that time of year.