reminding me why i love them so...

(seven and his dog)
i do have kids.

i know i don't talk about them here
all that much, every now and then,
but not a whole lot.

but then sometimes they do something
that makes me have to document it...
so on the days when i want to drop
them off in the school's parking lot
and let them wait until monday morning,
i can remind myself of better moments.

case in point:
i look after two afterschoolers
as well as the child with autism that i
have all day
and my own two, who are 7 and 11.
the after schoolers are 6 and 10 and
both boys.
my son tries very hard to be cool
and funny and hip and smart and liked
by the boys
but the other day, he let his guard down
and cuddled into me on the couch
for a minute...
the other boys teased him
and said "oooooohhhh, why are you cuddling, ewwww"
and seven (my son) said "what! are you crazy!
cuddling is fun!"
and then whispered in my ear
"i'm so lucky to have you for a mom".

and yeah.
i got teary.