whatcha been doin' wednesday

here's what i've been doin' lately:

watched click....loved it...
the biggest surprise for me was seeing
the fonz in it!!

reading the pact by jodi picoult...
which i am still not sure was a perfect purchase
for me...
i don't get to buy books often and the
only real reason i bought this one was
that i was pressured by time,
necessity (watching a two and half hour
long birthday party at the POOL necessitates
having something to read)
and the cost....so....
i'll let you know...
so far it's not calling my name to read
just a couple of pages all the time,
and that's not a good sign.

finished read stolen lives by maria oufkir
which was...well...enh.
don't get me wrong, i appreciate
the horribleness of her story,
it is sad and hard to beleive that
something like that goes on right under
our noses
but the book still didn't pull at me.

knitting dishcloths

and that's what i have been doin' lately...