getting to know you (part two) (for me)

i'm late, i'm late for a very important date....

1. What's the best place you ever lived? the worst?

the best place i have ever lived
is the house i live in
right now
because it is ours.

my parent's house is not included in this
for me because it would be too hard
for me to choose between
this home
and that one.

the worst place i ever lived was
an apartment behind a convenience store
in which the heat was constantly kept too high,
the walls were too thin for privacy,
tempers flared,
and a gun was kept in the storage closet.

2. What's the best place you ever visited on holiday/vacation? the worst?

i am going to have to say a three girl road trip to south carolina
in a little blue izuzu truck immediately following a horrible break-up
was my best vacation.

my worst...none really,
i don't travel much
and every place i have gone has
more good memories than bad
even the camping trip when i
forgot the tent.

3. What's the best job you ever had? the worst?

i have had so many jobs that i have loved...
manager of a record store (earning me the name "radioland girl"
at all the bars), manager of a bookstore in which you could
sign out books to read, assistant photographer at a photo studio

worst? well...the hell job at mcdonalds in which i was "hostess
manager" and had to ride an elephant through the drive through
(i am so going to tell this story someday)(this job also earned
me the name "mcdonald's girl" at all the bars which i did not
like so much as "radioland girl")
the assistant photographer had some rough stressful moments.

4. What's your best talent or ability? your worst?

i think i am generally open minded with a good sense of humor
and i live more on the optimistic side rather than pessimistic.
i have alot of ideas.

my worst....i suck at follow through.

5. What's the best decision you ever made? the worst?

to wait for my beleive in him and what he
was telling me...things were rough for awhile when we first
met and there was a period of time while i was pregnant
that he was gone (he had no choice in this) and i waited for
him even though so many people were skeptical...and now,
it's been 12 years that we have been together and no one
could imagine it any other way.

the take the early childhood education course
instead of the higher paying dental assistant....(i'm sort
of kidding)(but not really)

Bonus (so we can end on a positive note!): What's one good thing about you that isn't covered in the questions above, but that you'd like to share with the world?

i love cartoons.