poetry thursday, the essay.

Why I love poetry...in 153 words or less
by [a geeky girl]

i'm wordy,
giggly and girly...
lost in awe,
in space
and in time...
you take me away
with your rhythms and rhyme.

you beat
and i follow.

you are subtle and soft,
you are just out of my reach...
you are wily and sly,
impossible to teach
myself to just let go,
to follow your flow,
to allow myself to feel
without always having to know

(what you mean)

and then there you are
again in my ear
crude and obnoxious
spouting things i don't want to hear
and yet, i can't force myself to look away
because you have caught me
in your rhythm, you have caught me
in your sway.

and so
in one hundred and
twenty two words,
i stay.