there is a great new virtual hang-out
called create a connection
that offers prompts and ideas and support...
by some of my favorite bloggers!
it is hosted by melba
and you should totally check it out!

deb r from red shoes rambling is a guest blogger
for wednesdays
and she offered this prompt for "getting to know you"
so here goes:

1. I have never wanted to _hunt_ ; but I've always thought I might like to __rock climb_.

2. When I was _15_years old, I believed _in santa_ .

3. If I was my own best friend, what I would enjoy the most about spending time with Me would be __that i can be interesting__; while what I'd find the most irritating would be that i have
a tendency to be anti social .

4. If the story of my life up to this point was being published tomorrow, it would be titled "_inside out and upside down" and it would be dedicated to _my husband .

5. When my time on Earth is over, and the people who loved me are remembering me, it would please me if they said _they genuinely missed me, that i touched their life in some way .

i have to say,
that was a lot harder than i expected it to be...
i think i should have waited until i had been
awake a little bit longer
before attempting that...

now go create a connection!