it's friday...

i should be all about friday love
and linkage
and pictures and happy posting
but i'm cranky
and i didn't get enough sleep last night
and i'm stressed about jobs and money and
change and transition and decision
and i feel like i sent the kids off to school
with my negative voice in their ear
cranky that seven drew on himself
in bed last night
with what appeared to be
a crayola marker on the outside
but on the inside
must have been the mother of all
permanency because i spent
half an hour
trying to scrub the skulls
off the palms of his hands...
and complaining about twelve's hair
thinking after
how nice that was of me
to send her off to junior high
thinking that her hair looks unkempt and messy
bet that's good for a pre-teen's self esteem.

what is wrong with me today.
why do i feel so close to snapping,
like i am barely balancing
on that edge

like i can barely contain myself...

maybe i will be back with some friday love.
maybe not.