tag...you're it

i was tagged by one of my favorite-ist blog-friends
(can i call you that? can i call you a blog friend...i think i will)
i have been reading her blog
since i started my blog
and i believe we were both fairly new to this
at the same time.
i remember my excitement at reading someone else's words
and thinking...she gets it! she feels that way, too!

the tag was when i grow up, i dream of...
i was going to itemize this, number it, list it...
but instead i think i will stream-of-consciousness it....
i dream of having time to create what i want to create, to knit
things, paint things, invent things that people will want to buy,
that i can take to a farmers market, a craft fair, a yard sale, a gallery
and sell and people will love it and come to me and ask me questions
and really what it boils down to is that i want to be an interesting
person, i am an interesting person i feel, yet i don't feel
that my choice of job reflects who i really am so that most
of the day i am pretending to be someone else...selling toilets
and showers and toilet seats that cost three hundred dollars,
it is hard to sell something you don't truly believe in...
i dream of having a van, not a minivan but a van like my parents had,
and driving around the cabot trail just like my parents did,
i want to do it in the fall when the leaves are turning, i want to do
this with my mom and dad as they took their parents on our trips...
i dream of having a studio, a place for me, of writing more, of living more...
of being me more...
i see this lately as being a major mantra playing in my life
whether i plan it or not...this was not what i would have written about
had i chosen to list, i'm sure of it...yet this is the undercurrent that is
constantly running through my head, my mind, my heart, my words...
i want to be me more often. i want to expose me as me.
i want to be with like-minded people.
i dream of being more of me.

that proved interesting.