saturday snippets

i was tagged recently by wendy...
and i was surprised
at how difficult this was for me to define.

the question is this...
"try to think of three things that I feel good writing should be"

i can't define what good writing is for everyone
but i can tell you what draws me in, what makes me stay...

lyrical yet concise
wordy but sparse

i don't know if this is too vague,
yet this is truly how i feel...
i go for the punches,
i think in clipped phrases...
i read aloud in my head to a staccato beat.

i don't like things that are too obvious,
too drawn out, descriptive, verbose and heavy with importance...
i like quicksilver writing with a stab of sentence
hitting it's intended mark.

does this makes sense?
or is this napoblomo making me sound like i have lost my mind...
posting every day?
what the hell was i thinking.

i would be curious to see what you say,
what your 3 indicators are...
wherein i will slap my forehead
and wonder
why didn't i think of that!