SPC (what i wear...week two)

i wear docs.

i bought my first pair about 14 years ago...
8 hole and black.
i wore them with baby doll dresses.
i wore them with frayed jeans.
i wore them with my mcdonald's uniform.
i wore them in mosh pits and climbing
forbidden scaffolding outside of churches.
i wore them on first dates.
i wore them on the last ones, too.

my husband bought me my second pair of docs
in burgandy, also 8 hole...
i wore them with maternity clothes.
i wore them at the bookstore i worked at
which is why the toe of one is so much more scuffed
than the other, because i constantly knelt on one knee.
i wore them on my kid's first day of school
and to my daughter's graduation from grade six.
i wore them when i started my first day of school
for early childhood education.

i bought my third pair from a customer at the bookstore.
he asked me if i wore docs all the time,
(which people asked me regularly)...
when i said yes,
he offered to sell me a pair that he had bought
for his girlfriend
while he was on a trip to montreal
only to find out when he got home
that she
had cheated on him.
he sold me the 350.00 boots
fifty dollars.
i wear these boots with cords and
baby doll dresses layered over frayed jeans.
i wear them with business skirts and conservative
i wear them to work and to the kid's dentist appointments.
i wear them while taking pictures
and i was wearing them the day i got my driver's license
at 37.

i wear docs.

see what others are wearing...